Heal yourself

In all our lives, it is common to face some downs, insults, criticisms…

What do we do after facing them?

Let me tell what I do. I register them in my mind and pay them back with my successful smile.

Yeah…. Not only failures, success is also a visitor of our life one day. On the other hand, I will say that failures are strengthening us to face welcome success into our life with a smile.

Work hard as much as possible, as hard as you can. Downfalls are not permanent. They actually build you stairs to climb up. So be courageous to split the hilarious faces at once you succeed.

Never show your disposition to anyone those who criticised you. Take it as your tonic to heal from within.

Learn the art of healing from within…..!

It all starts from within

March on your Way

Almost all of us expect someone to guide us through the path we travel. How amazing it would be to choose our own path. Yeah imagine of adventure that you meet a king cobra or a crocodile or a lion in your path

Here I refer not to the animals but to the struggles and experiences to overcome them.


If someone is guiding your direction, there won’t be any hardships you face. Infact they might misguide you. But just think how he/she is guiding you. Just because they overcame their struggles through the way.

Always decide to go in your own path. That will give you more experiences than you think. Never initiate others. Be strong enough and confident to overcome the dangers you face. The more you are rejected, the more you will be recognised. Always remember that you are a unique person.

Invent your own methods of handling issues and become a master of it instead of serving someone’s. Live your life fully.

Always keep smiling. Love yourself and spread that love. When you accept the way you are the world recognises you. It will never end until you solve it


The title sounds like a proverb right… But how many of us are really aware of it. We never think before we do certain things and ultimately worry about it, if it was a mistake.

Thinking well before doing any work is the main point here we’re going to discuss. One can be in a hurry to do a work. In that case, they won’t be able to think about the work they are going to do. In such circumstances, we have to be self-prepared to face all kind of situations.

For one who is practiced to think well before performing the task given, it’s always easy to be free from unwanted confusions and mistakes. Let me quote an example for better understanding.

Imagine that you are a General Manager of a company. Your boss asked you to prepare quotations for the product of the company you are working in and on account of your hectic schedule and incompletion of your prior works, you handover this work to one of your subordinates. When the work is done at once, you send the file to your boss without checking it, he having trust on your work sent the quotation without checking. But the the other company which decided to place the order in your company sent their cancellation to your company and accepts the product of your competitor. Here there is a danger to your boss dismissing you for the blunder you committed.

In this scenario, the first thing you have to do as a GM is to make your schedules proper. Next, instead of the giving this main work to your subordinate, you could have given your own work which is not yet completed. Here comes the importance of tackling the situation. Atleast, you should have found time to check the quotation so that your Boss’ trust on you would have become even more stronger.

Learn to think well before you do little things in life. It will lead to great improvements in life.

Look before you Leap…!


We are the so called strongest living creatures in the world named Human Beings. We fail to live in the moment but whereas all the creatures of the world desire to live in the present.

Have you seen an animal worrying for the prey it lost or a tree weaping for its broken branch or have you seen an animal thinking about its shelter for the next day or a plant thinking about the struggles it is going to involve in preparing the starch. No, definitely not. Because they never worry about the past or think about their future. But rather they pay off in the present.

It is we human beings who always think about our future and worry about the past, literally fail to live in the present. When one aspires to live in the moment, they need not mind anything else. Complication of the present occurs only when there is a comparison between past and future to the present.

To live in the present, all we have to do is to put all the focus in the present work we do and impose all our full-minded efforts into it. Only when we do our duty in the present, we will get a better output in future which in turn compensates the past.


Present is a present (Gift) from GOD. It lies in our hands to use it or loose it. Always have faith in God and keep moving forward so that you will have a dazzling future.

Live in the present !

Follow Your Passion.

The title sounds like a normal statement that we all have heard from someone at some point of time right. But the thing is how many of us really go into it. That is, majority of us go behind something that will never come to us. We’ll… Let me explain it clearly.

We fail to follow that which follows us. Rather we follow something that runs away from us. At this point of time I remember a popular quote by Muniba Mazari, the iron lady of Pakistan,

We are all perfectly imperfect and that’s perfectly perfect.

Yes, that’s true, we are all perfectly imperfect. it is our primary duty to analyse what’s our passion and going behind it and cherish it with constant efforts. But how many of us do?… It’s still a question mark.

The reason is we might temporarily find something more interesting than our passion and run behind it. But we don’t realise that it’s temporary. To sit under the roof of permanent happiness and succes it is essential for us to follow our passion.

Initially it’s really a tough task to find out what’s our passion. But it’s even more harder to follow them. So what should we do to follow our passion.

The steps to follow our passion are simple. In every work we do, we do them with concentration. In the same way, to follow our passion, we should concentrate on them.

Next, along with concentration, we should take some initiatives to improve them which in turn promotes our career development. Constant efforts are required to grow further.

So by following our passion we grow up along with our career.

Find your passion.

Follow them.

Act on time

This is a common statement that we all should have heard atleast once in our life. The statement is as follows ‘wait till your time comes’.

Yeah, it’s usually heard when we loose something or when we see someone’s luck. Most probably I have heard this when I loose. It’s always familiar that we all have to loose something in life.

When we see some people actually succeeding continuously, this question arises, what is the secret of their continuous success? The answer is they Act on time. Not all of us keep up with the time. But the one who does it, succeeds.

How to keep up with the time?

We should always be pre-planned before the execution of any plans. Only preparations will lead to the best results. Not all the actions can be pre-planned but those which can should be done.

It is not that only plannings will lead to the success of an action. It also matters that we have to start and end with timings. Focusing on time needs a lot of self-analysis. Only when we believe in the sub-consciousness, we can act on time.

To simply maintain the timings, one have to take up the chances. Even in that case we should know when to act. Its better for one to plan according to the time so that we can get a better output.

To me, I always follow in my timings. So that I find some extra time to go with personal stuffs. According to me


It was difficult for me in the beginning to maintain my timings. But once I have done, I’m practiced to it. This is one of the biggest secret behind my small successes.

Be Punctual… ❗

Read the Need

Yeah… Here I am to tell you how one can learn what he/she wants and how they can execute it in their subsequent works.

Initially learning is a continuous process that we all undergo throughout our lives. None can bring this process to an end. Moreover to go beyond, I would tell you that, I am an adrent admirer of books. I always think that, will there be someone who loves books and reading more than I do.

It’s actually good to keep ourselves engaged with books, that it keeps us so informative as anyone else can. Taking it in business or career perspective, it is only Reading that plays a prominent role. Firstly one has to enhance what their need actually is and then read what they need.

In each and every step of our career we ought to learn something apart from gathering information from books. We learn from mistakes we do, people around us, like-minded people and so on. If this process of learning doesn’t take place, it will lead to horrible destination.

So it is necessary for all of us to read atleast a single new word everyday for the betterment of ourselves and infact for a better future.

Reading makes a complete man.

These sentences doesn’t mean to be just a group of words. They are meant to be someone’s practical experience in life. So always keep reading something. I didn’t force you to always keep reading, but spend atleast an hour with books so that you can have a good time.

One good book is equal to thousand friends

In the present world its hard for one to seek for a good companion. But none can find better companion than books.

Think we’ll, Read smart.

Learn From your Plans.

Hello Readers…

Now this may sound weird that how can one learn from their plans to succeed?

We all have certain plans and schedules for the work we are going to proceed subsequently but the actual question is that how many of us follow the schedule to ensure that the work planned is completely done. If success is your ultimate goal then planning will be your initial step towards success

The answer is majority of us do not follow it. Its our primary duty to follow the plans scheduled for a steady progress when it comes to the success point of view. At this point of time, let me quote a famous saying


Well,now let’s have a look at how to learn from our plans. First decide what work you’re going to do. Then find time for it. Next make note of insights of the work that you are going to proceed and then start doing it.

To make it clear with an instance, if you are a student decided to prepare for your exams, the plan for studying should be scheduled accordingly.

  • First choose the subject that you want to study.
  • Next decide for how many hours that you are going to sit with your book.
  • Then have a look at the portions.
  • Now start reading the lessons.
  • Take notes of important points.
  • Now read the textual questions and answers.
  • Go for self-explanation process if you did not understand anything.
  • Now close your book and revise it in your heart. At the time of revision, if you are able to get the points that you have learnt, then your learning process is successful.

This is how all the small works should be planned. Planning a work makes it half-done. So always learn form your plans and proceed further.

In a business perspective, if you are a person who always works on the plans scheduled then definitely success is yours. When we plan a particular work, automatically we will put in our efforts. Any hardwork done will definitely yield the best results. So be a learner from your plans

Plan for your proceedings and work on it.

Steady Growth

Is it really possible for someone to grow each day in their career?

What would be the answer of majority of the people on hearing this question?

My answer is YES, it is possible. Just as we grew starting from an infant to an infinite human. We grew everyday, each cell, tissue, parts of our body, our habits, character, career and profession we gradually developed each day. Yes we grew up.

If for a human being to come to a worldly position as an ordinary man takes uncountable number of seconds, minutes and hours to grow, then how can one expect to immediately succeed in his /her career just after their first attempt?

This isn’t fair… We all have this amazing fantasy in life…. This is how things should happen, this is how my life should move on, this is how my career has to grow, and if that doesn’t happen we give up.

Life will be hard. It is we who have to move on with confidence in attitude and courage in heart. Success in career is also like how we grew up physically, emotionally and mentally. Let’s always remember something that it took years for T. A. EDISON to prove that his invention was actually a bulb.

All I have to tell here is to patiently work hard, take baby steps every day towards your career or profession. Be unique in your own way of implementing your plans. Being unique always naturally adds value to your success.


Join your hands only with your dreams and not anything else, so that you can always be in touch with progress.

Think about it.

Evaluate yourself.

Life today is not just like that. We have to battle through a lot of hardships to sustain as a least part of being in the world. It involves uncountable complications. It is really hard for one to go through the hectic schedules and lead a successful life.

Complications make life even more harder. Now this may sound crazy for one to relate to the content. But the actual thing is gaining acquisition through self-evaluation. Let’s go with the topic…

Initially, take up one idea. Make that idea as your life. Schedule your works accordingly. Invest your own plans on your idea. Think in a creative way that how you can achieve something different in the field you have chosen. Make sure that aren’t imitating someone else’s plan.

Now here arises a doubt that what plan should you execute to make your work valid. It all depends on indepth analysis before the execution of your plan. No matter if it leads to failure. Its OK to fell down gather some strength and get up again.

Some people give up on the first try and come to a decision that, the particular field that they’ve chosen will not suit for their career improvement. Here comes the real failure in giving up. This mistake should be avoided and further proceeding must be made.

At this point of time what one has to do is to find out where the plan went wrong. Here’s the point of time when one has to self- evaluate their skill set and work even more harder on their plans to succeed further.

After each and every single step you take, find out what’s your position to that of the past and present. Expecting someone’s help in self-improvement is a foolish thing taht we all do. None can encourageyou better than yourself . So try to evaluate yourself and analysie each and every move in your life.


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